We Can Help by Consulting

We Can Help by providing experienced business and technical specialist staff that can bring the value of combining our precepts, competencies and approach to our clients, aiding them with:

  • Software Development Project Support
  • Business Process Optimisation
  • Project Planning
Software Development Project Support

We provide experienced resources to participate in, complete, or manage all tasks required to complete a software development project. This includes:

  • Our business and technical architects developing a blueprint against which the ultimate design can be driven
  • Our business analysts developing, challenging, expanding and refining business requirements and creating functional specifications to best support the goals
  • Our technical staff identifying system requirements and producing a technical design to address the business requirements while utilizing the best in technological solutions
  • Our development team developing and testing code to a very high standard
  • Creating plans for and executing system integration and quality assurance testing
  • Our team assisting with mentoring of project management, business analysts, quality assurance testers and developers
  • Providing implementation and after go-live support

These resources are available for a particular stage or task, from the beginning of a project, through implementation.

Business Process Optimisation

By zeroing in on operational processes we aid our client’s in reducing costs, improving quality and reducing turn-around times.

An appraisal of the effectiveness and efficiency of a division, activity, or operation in meeting organizational goals will bring to light which critical areas need attention. We can participate in the selection of areas to be reviewed, or join our client’s efforts once a target has been identified. With the aid, support and input of our client’s staff, we provide the information needed to make informed decisions on how our clients can meet their goals. We put forth recommendations covering process, software, and organisational structure.

This can take place as:

  • A review of an existing process
  • Creation of a new process
  • Audit of the effectiveness and adherence to established processes

At our client’s discretion, we can continue, guiding, supporting, developing and implementing any of the recommendations or processes we supply.

Our service are valuable from start to finish of any project looking to reduce costs, improve speed to market, increase quality and minimize risks.

Project Planning

Whether or not companies have a clear methodology for project management, they often struggle to keep projects on task, in budget and on time. To avoid this trap, it is necessary to involve the right people at the start. We work with our clients to sculpt a clear vision for project launches, set result expectations and establish scope. We then develop, implement and drive agreed upon processes to ensure the project does not falter. We do this through:

  • Development of strategic vision
  • Business case creation/validation
  • Creation of scope management tools:
    • Business and technical requirements in support of the vision
    • Business and Technical solution blueprints
    • Change Management Review Boards
    • Steering Committee establishment

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