We Can Help with Software Solutions

By working with our clients’ staff on total software solutions, we can reduce their project costs and minimize ongoing operational costs.

We can help, with all phases of the software project lifecycle. We can support the implementation of a software package or that of our client’s bespoke software, or build the software according to client specifications.

We provide and support:

  • Bespoke & Proprietary Service Oriented (SOA) Software
  • SOA Interfaces
  • Software as a Service Hosting

We shine when it comes to working with our clients to understand their business objectives. We lead the construction of a clear blueprint for a total solution, which answers the business needs while tapping into the best in technology. We can create solid Business and Technical Requirements and once agreed upon, carry on with the development of Functional Specifications, Technical Design, Code, Quality Assurance plans and project management as needed.

Our participatory approach will involve obtaining early buy-in and confirmation of scope, with a fanatical monitoring to prevent scope creep. The result is the on time, within budget implementation of a solution that supports the Business Case.

Our services are valuable during the entire project cycle of any project looking to purchase, build, improve or implement operational software.

Further Information

For further information about our services: