We Can Help with Technology Services

By evaluating our client’s using of and approach to technology, We Can Help by advising how to reduce operating costs while strengthening infrastructures. We specialise in two areas:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • SOA Integration Solutions
Enterprise Architecture

We explore all aspects of security, data management, servers, hardware, software, databases and failover plans. The information we collect is compiled, organised and analysed. We will identify existing high cost solutions, recommend improvements to be made and explain the impact of change.

Upon completion of the evaluation, at our clients’ discretion, we can continue, guiding, supporting, developing and implementing any of the recommendations we put forth.

Our services are valuable when our clients are looking at their own enterprise architecture, or that of company they are considering purchasing.

SOA Integration Solutions

Integration of legacy systems with “new world” systems is a constant challenge for many clients. We guide and implement enterprise wide integration solutions that leverage open source and proven technologies. This flexibility gives our clients future proof technology today.

Our clients may have existing legacy applications and databases and want to continue to use them while adding or migrating to a new set of applications that leverage the Internet, e-commerce, extranet, and other new technologies. This may involve developing a new total view of an enterprise's business and its applications, seeing how existing applications fit into the new world model, and then devising ways to efficiently reuse legacy systems while adding new applications and data. Our proprietary integration platform (built on open Source technology) allows our clients to leverage EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) technology at a fraction of the cost. EAI refers to the methods, tools, and plans aimed at modernizing and consolidating, the technology applications in an enterprise.

We have extensive experience and knowledge of how to make this transition with the least intrusion and minimal cost to the client. We will make a concise assessment of the client’s current technology map and tailor our solution to maximise the use of the existing software while recommending or building additional software to meet business needs.

We leverage our requirements gathering experience as well as our technical expertise in integration so that quick time to market is achieved. The ability to understand the integration points between already defined and implemented software is our strongest technical asset. It allows us to implement new business ideas and new technical approaches without wasting the client investment in existing software.

Further Information

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