The Converica Precepts

We believe the key to satisfying our clients lies not only in our abilities, but upon how we think, feel and act. We are committed to employing these guidelines in our day-to-day behaviour.

Our Clients Deserve Value

Our first responsibility is to our clients, without whom nothing else we do matters. We will clearly understand their needs and provide superior services backed by impeccable implementation. We will foster an environment that breeds creativity, innovation and the development of contemporary solutions. We will be straightforward and communicative, quickly dealing with any obstacle that lies in the way of our clients’ satisfaction. The measure of our success will be through our client’s eyes, not ours.

Our People are Key to Our Success

Only with a thriving team will we be able to meet our commitment to our clients. We will challenge our staff and provide the chance for them to learn, at every opportunity. We will appreciate their individualism, respect their views, value their input, encourage them to speak up, and will work on their development. We will support them in striking an essential balance between home and the workplace.

Bizntek Conquers All

We will bring a blend of business and technology perspectives to all solutions. We will forge a partnership between these factions, learning to understand one another, so that the best of technology may be utilized to address the driving business need.

Participation is Critical

We expect that each team member will be fully engaged at work, cooperative and adaptable. Furthermore that they will behave in a constructive and proactive manner. We will maintain a working environment that fosters honesty and openness, recognizing that without the exchange of ideas, even if opposing, no enduring progress can be realised.

Act Responsibly

We will always maintain an irreproachable level of honesty and integrity, treating everyone fairly, with trust and respect. We will provide a safe workplace and protect the environment. We will promote the health and well being of our team. We will hold the team accountable for their work-product and behaviours. Converica will share its success with the world by supporting charities that, through direct touch, cause genuine impact.


We will succeed at upholding our precepts and delivering that to which we have committed. To that end, we will create and update repeatable, efficient and effective processes and always look for the simplest, value driven answers. We will protect the reputation of Converica by continually measuring all things we do and say, owning up to, correcting and learning from our mistakes. We will protect our financial position by being fair and equitable in our transactions.